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It is you, Our customer who inspires us! We are here to make your Vision a reality!

With the direction of our design staff, your dream, ideas and creation will come to life. Once the design is confirmed, a pattern is created, a prototype is made for your approval.  Garments are constructed to your design and fit specifications.  The finished result is a unique and original look for you as an individual or team.

Any custom design takes time!

The million dollar question is how long will it take?  Well it all depends on the items being ordered

If custom dye sublimation practice wear set basic bra, shorts, capris and tank top we have a standard 6 week turn around time and in the busy season up to 10 weeks  depending on the qty, artwork and design will be able to determine that

If you are looking for custom creation of uniforms that can be 8-12 weeks depending on the qty, design and time of year.

please make sure to communicate all details with the customer service team in order to insure the time lines are met

FIRST: DESIGN….communication and forms filled out to better understand your needs  designs can tank 3-5 days for completion depending on the time of season

SECOND: APPROVAL .  getting the approval of the design is completed and all forms are filled out and assured this is the design you want.  If sizing kit is needed we will need to get the forms for this to you and get this shipped to you.  You will have a fee for the sizing kit but will be returned to you once the kit is returned all details are on the forms for this.

THIRD: .. Sample made.  with all new designs we create a sample to insure the colors and fabrics are what you want.  If you would like a sample there will be a charge and depending on the item it will determine the cost

FORTH: Sizing your athletes: once you size your team whether by our kit (which is the only way to guarantee the fit) or by just submitting what you think they need ( no guarantee on fit)

FIFTH:  ORDER TO GO INTO PRODUCTION… YOU MUST MAKE FULL PAYMENT AND HAVE THE SIZES NEEDED IN.  UNTIL THEN THE ORDER WILL NOT START!  You must have all this in to us and then that is when your time starts for the time line of production.

If you are looking for a completely unique look, Look no further as you can choose to create your very own custom design.

We have a staff of amazing and talented designers that take your idea and turn it into a reality

The process is really basic and simple:

  1. order in some swatches of fabrics you would like the uniform or items made from
  2. Next fill out the easy to use custom design froms
  3. Third we will provide you with a color picture to approve
  4. We can then make up the sample garment/item for you to try
  5. Step out on the stage and debut your brand new custom designed uniform at your next competition

Now is that easy or what ?!?!

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Custom Cheer Designs

  • There is a min on all initial orders
  • $250.00 for women’s cheer design
  • $175.00 for all men cheer uniform( only if accompanied by a female’s uniform)
  • $75.00 warm up set that is accompanied by a female’s uniform order anything else will be additional cost


We truly are passionate about taking your ideas, themes and style into your performace wear that is eye-catching, well fitting and award winning!!!

Ordering from Extreme Bling It Inc. is so easy…..

We can work within your budget to create costumes, uniforms, travel wear or practice wear for your teams.  For a quote and design consultation please feel free to call 810-824-3809 or 810-278-0390 or email: or you can also fill out our design form on our front page.

We will ask you questions like:

  • How many dancers/athletes do you have
  • What is your budget?
  • outfit/costume sizes
  • costume/outfit restictions
  • What is your music and what role does it play in the outfit

We then can put together a quote and design for you based on your needs

Pricing:  again is a million dollar question…

You outfit is 100 percent custom made using the highest of quality fabrics and componets.  Our design experts will give you and your costume unparalleled attention.

Here is the best you can expect when ordering one of our truly custom costumes

  • tryout outfits from $150 and up
  • Solo start at $500
  • Duets Start at $350
  • Trios start at $300
  • Group rates start at $125 and to infinity and beyond.  depending on your budget and imagination!






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