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EXTREME BLING IT, INC. takes tremendous pride in both selection and testing the best available fabrics in the industry today. However, there are certain high fashion fabrics that are more susceptible to wear and fading than the traditional long wearing fabrics. Our fabrics can be grouped into 2 categories:

Long Wearing Durable Fabrics: Nylon/Spandex, Velvet, DryTech, Brushed Tricot, TechMesh, and Stretch Woven.

DryTech may shrink when heat is applied.

Special Care Fragile Fabrics: Hologram, Mesh, and Nylon/spandex with Foil.

Caring for our Fragile Fabrics

Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabrics to fade or lose foil.

Alcohol in all aerosol products affects these fabrics. Please cover the outfit before applying.

Deodorants and perspiration may cause the fabric to fade or lose foil. We recommend the use of pure crystal deodorant (does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate). Tests have shown that this may reduce or eliminate color transference under the arm, when combining a light and dark fabric (Individual results may vary). May cause the fabric to change color.

Hologram and Nylon/spandex with foil fabrics will dull slightly in the jeweled area due to the heat application.

Color Blocking with Fabrics


Please note that combining a white or light color fabric with dark color fabric may show color transference. This is a common industry problem, and can become obvious under certain conditions. In addition, we have found that when a white or light color garment is worn under a dark velvet warm-up or shorts, some color may transfer from the warm-up or shorts onto the garment.


We have found that perspiration and deodorant often contribute to color bleeding, especially when the two colors meet under the arms. Even by following proper washing instructions, you may notice some color transference.


Also note, damp clothing that are left in gym bags may show color transference.


PUCHASE A WHITE TERRY CLOTH BATH TOWEL.  if you have sweat/persperation  in your uniform or outfit then the colors may blead or transfer on other parts of the outfit.   If you take the garmet (EACH PIECE in a seperate towel so they are NOT touvhing then roll it up in the towel this will HELP keep the item from transfering the color… You would lay the towel out then the outfit on the towel and roll away… :)  this is a suggestion to help you !!

This is not a 100% full proof but you never just want to throw a damp or wet item in a gym bag!  Do NOT leave in towel!  take out as soon as you get back to your hotel room or home and HANG IT UP to dry.


EXTREME BLING IT, INC. may refuse returns on orders due to color transference. To minimize this problem, it is important that you have carefully selected your fabric color combinations and follow the washing instructions listed below.


If you chose to combine sensitive fabrics and colors, it is at your own risk. EXTREME BLING IT, INC. may refuse returns on special orders in those combinations.

Washing and Care Instructions

Garment(s) must be washed separately. Turn garments inside out. Use a mild liquid detergent, gently hand


wash in a large volume of cold water. Rinse immediately, DO NOT allow garment to soak. Pat dry


with a clean WHITE towel and use a thick plastic hanger to air dry. DO NOT WRING OUT EXCESS water use the towel for this and hang up immediately

DO NOT use fabric softeners
DO NOT dry clean
DO NOT iron

EXTREME BLING IT, INC.will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed. If you choose to combine sensitive fabrics and colors, it is at your own risk.

EXTREME BLING IT, INC. may refuse returns on special orders in those combinations.

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