The prices shown or quoted  reflect Extreme Bling It, Inc. commitment to offer consistently high standards in quality at the lowest prices possible.  However, at any given time the increase of raw materials, utilities, labor, and so on subject us to price changes beyond our control..

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All shipping time frames are estimated dates with the customization requested timelines will fluctuate with the details and embellishment requested on your items. 



Any items that are sent to Extreme Bling It, Inc. for remakes or reproduced items that are from any other company, You the customer are responsible for shipping items to us and for the return shipping of the items to you.  All shipping cost must be paid in full prior to the items being shipped or you can provide a return lable for us to ship back to you. ALL ITEMS MUST BE FREE OF COPYRIGHT!!  We will need you to provide a signed form from you stating you have the right to reproduce any items.


For the design process we will ask you to fill out forms, send us concepts and ideas to create for your team.  Any and all submissions of designs and rights  are surrendered to Extreme Bling It Inc.  If you want the design to be solely yours you can get a quote on this from Extreme Bling It Inc.  If you work with Extreme Bling It we want your design to be as unique as possible but you must know in order to keep the cost down on all designs and products  we must sell in large volume.  So the designs will be altered in color and logos but could be sold to others.  We can be contracted to create a one of a kind design but would have to quote a price for you.

If you are designing a concept and decide to quit the process at any time then Extreme Bling It Inc does own the rights to sell this design to anyone that may want it, regardless of the reason you left working with Extreme Bling It Inc. We spend countless hours to create the designs and own all rights to them.

Design time line is based on communication on us and you the client.  If working with a rep of the company and you have not been responded to please contact us at orders@extremeblingit.com as all our office staff has access to this email and will address any concerns.   We recommend calling us at the office  @  810-824-3809 or text us @ 810-216-5394 we will be happy to insure your timely delivery.

We ask for 3-5 days to create your design concept.  and each revisions to take 1-3 days

Any and all designs that are created by Extreme Bling It will be used for promotional and any advertising purposes deemed fit for the company.  In the event you have copyrights to items and would like to keep it exclusive you must present the contract to us prior to the designing stages.  Once you begin the process you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth by the company 

If you communicate on facebook or texting any sales rep please know that things can happen and if they do not respond then please again contact us at the main email and phone number this is a fail safe for all communication.  EBI  will do their best to address all emails, text and social media messages.  But at any time you feel you are not being handled properly

please contact us:

Email: orders@extremeblingit.com

call: 810-824-3809

text line: 810-216-5394




  • 3D designs

If you do not see your services needed please fee free to call or email us we are here for you our customers.

Extreme Bling It, Inc. is your one stop shop for your teams unique and extreme new look!


This will consist of the items that help you fit your athletes.

If you do not have time to order a sizing kit to size up the team.  We cannot Guarantee our items will fit exactly like others do. We want to insure you have the correct fit so please make sure to order a sizing kit!  We will charge you for the kit and apply the credit to you order once the order is placed and the items are returned. All items must be returned and will be shipped at the customers expense.  We custom make uniforms for teams all over the world and to insure a proper fit of a custom cut we would have to have all measurements and possibly make a sizing kit per your design to match exactly.  This would be the best way to insure a custom and proper fit.

Most kits are very basic and we cannot guarantee the fit. If you do not have the time to order in a specific kit to match your design, keep in mind a basic uniform top is not going to fit the exact same way the one with cut outs and unique designs.

 Extreme Bling It, Inc.  will not be responsible for any remakes or replacements if items do not fit properly due to time constraints. If you do not allow 8-12 weeks for production we cannot guarantee the proper fit.  When we take on jobs in a time crunch it is at the sole discretion of the client and if the fit and design are not proper it is at the expense of the client to have them remade or repaired to fit.   We can however make the items needed but will be at the customers expense.

Please allow enough time to get a sizing kit in and size your team properly. Thank you!!


A prototype is highly recommended to insure the design, fit and cut is exactly the way you want it.  If you choose not to get a prototype and put your order into production,  then you accept the end result of the product.  The prototype is to insure the cut, design, colors and fit are what you are wanting.

If you get a prototype and need a complete redesign or changes it can take several weeks to get a new design approved.  It will delay your end result in the delivery time frame. You the client accept all responsibility and  the chance of the product not being completed in the time allotted.  Every change made will delay and will not guarantee the delivery time frame requested.  Any and all concerns must be addressed with the EBI Staff.

Changing the prototype design will add more time to your process so be sure of all the changes you request.

All shipping time frames are estimated dates with the customization requested timelines will fluctuate with the details and embellishment requested on your items.  The time frames are subject to change due to the daily volume of orders we receive. 


Over the years of manufacturing items with the stretch fabrics we have perfected the fit of our uniforms.  We do offer you to purchase a size run of your custom design to fit each and every one of your students to insure you have the proper and best fit.   EBI suggest to after you have completed the entire look you want to see your student to wear. This would be for any custom cut or designed outfit and would be at the cost of your uniform.  If returned then we can credit your account for the amount of the kit minus any shipping costs. If you do not opt to order a kit to match your design we cannot and will not guarantee the fit of your uniforms.  All items are custom  per your specifications.   The  designs you create on a sketch is just the beginning of things.  Keep in mind not all your youth and adult athletes will fit the same way, as each of them are thicker, thinner, taller and so on.(you get the idea)  So to have a custom  and perfect fit the cost of the uniforms change considerably.  It could change a base price of 100 dollar uniform  to a 300 dollar uniform.  We have a basic start of all the designs, and if you want a truly custom fit then that is what you need to relay to our specialist.


Payment in full Or purchase order(P.O.’s apply to colleges and high schools ONLY)  must be received before any order goes into production. Custom and  Special orders are charged to Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover will be billed at the time the order is placed.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.  payments types accepted are wire transfer, money orders and business checks   Allow time for any deposit to clear.   If you are in a hurry to purchase items then we can send you an invoice and the wire transfer information to get the ball rolling .  Please understand we cannot put order into production till payment are made.

Sales Tax is Applicable on all orders unless you have furnished us with a valid sales tax exempt certificate.


All orders shipped with in the continental United States are sent using UPS or Fedex

Delivery time frame is depending on your location.  Stock orders will normally take 3-5 working days to leave our facility , but may take longer on items with high customer demand.  For international orders, duty and VAT may be applicable.  Please check with your local authorities on this matter.  Extreme Bling It, Inc. will not be responsible for any additional chargers incurred.  Special shipping arrangements can be made for faster shipping.  Note:  These shipping methods are considerable more expensive and are the responsibility of the customer.

All shipping time frames are estimated dates with the customization requested timelines will fluctuate with the details and embellishment requested on your items.  The time frames are subject to change due to the daily volume of orders we receive. 


Before placing your order.  It is Highly recommended to check over your order carefully.  Any changes or additions made after placing an order will be treated as a NEW order.  Changes, additions or cancellations cannot be made to orders already in production.   We do not offer refunds on any of our custom made apparel.


Items out of stock temporarily will be back ordered and shipped as soon as they become available.  Please send an email to customer service at  orders@extremeblingit.com. Call us to confirm stock availability .  Stock orders would normally take 3-5 working days to leave our manufacturing plant, but may take longer on items with high customer demand.  Please specify if orders are to be shipped complete using the notes/comments section at check out page. If you are having your items decorated allow up to 3-4 weeks for production unless you discuss with our staff and we can accommodate your needs.



PHONE ORDERS: 810-824-3809

You can email any time day or night! 🙂



After you have emailed or filled out the online form with your order and it is in review you will receive a follow up phone call to confirm the details.  You should get conformation within 24 hours after it is received

CONTACT NUMBER : 810-824-3809


Custom or special orders will not go into production until we receive your order by email, online form or phone call.   Orders received during non business hours will be dated for the next business day.  Any orders received with incomplete information or payment  will extend the production time. You will receive an email conformation with calendar for production and payment timeline. If  you have not received a email response or a call from our staff for order conformation please call the office.

Extreme Bling it Inc orders are first come  first serve,  Which means all details and payment must be confirmed before order is processed and put into production.

All shipping time frames are estimated dates with the customization requested timelines will fluctuate with the details and embellishment requested on your items.  The time frames are subject to change due to the daily volume of orders we receive. 


Timelines vary and are extremely important to you the client and the staff at Extreme Bling it Inc.  We will do our very best to achieve your goal on requested delivery dates but our time lines during the different times of years and timelines can be extended at any time for any unforeseen situation that may arise.  We strive to hit 4-6 weeks with practice wear and 6-8 weeks for uniforms.  During peak season timelines can be extended to 12-18 weeks.  At Extreme Bling It, we never want to extend our timelines but can happen with any CUSTOM made apparel.  


Basic shipping information:

All in stock  orders shipped with in the continental United States are sent UPS Ground unless otherwise specified.  Stock orders will normally take 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm)  to leave our manufacturing plant, BUT may take longer on items with high customer demand.  Orders shipped to Hawaii or Alaska are shipped UPS 2nd day unless other wise specified.  Orders shipped to other countries will need to be determined by the customer request. As all duty and VAT may be applicable.  Please check with your local authorities for more information.  Extreme Bling It Inc  will not be responsible for any additional charges incurred,   Special shipping arrangements can be made for faster shipping.  However these methods of shipping can be considerable more expensive and the responsibility of the customer expense…

EBI will determine if the whole order will ship at one time or as they are completed, you may get more than one shipment per order.


Due to us shipping your stock purchases as fast as possible, any item classified as a STOCK OR IN STOCK cannot be cancelled once the order has been placed.  Any item classified as a custom or special order cannot be cancelled once in line up for production.  Your order is processed within 24 hours of sending order in.  Any custom orders are in production cannot be canceled or refunded.  You have placed the order and with any custom order and production there can be unforeseen delays.  You will be kept in the loop with the full process of the orders



Extreme Bling It, Inc. is thriving to be the next generation of cheer, dance, practice wear, warm ups and more!   We are a Veteran owned business and strive to give back our veterans by employing them as well as working with groups that are considered homeless and need a job to better their lives.  We strive to give back by helping others learn a trade and making a difference in others lives.

Since the creation of  Extreme  Bling It, Inc. we are reaching for the stars to bring your ideas to life!  Our approach  from design to creation of the garment Extreme Bling It. Inc.  has remained consistent!

It is you our customers that determine what we do.  Our Success would not be possible without the people that have given us the opportunity  and extended the confidence to create their items for them.  Your desire and admiration to create a unique look is a result of collaboration, team work, and one on one long lasting relationships between you and Extreme Bling It. Inc.  EBI can achieve a look for you that will stand out among the rest,  with exclusive looks, custom designs that will make your team stand out at competitions.

Extreme Bling It, Inc.  has worked with the stretch fabrics for many, many years .  And have mastered the ability to make the uniforms fit every body type.   We listen to our customers on like and dislike when it comes to the fit of the uniforms. We take all your information and create it per your specifications.


With Extreme Bling It, Inc. our quality begins with our fabric.  We work directly with our fabric distributors to develop and create that one of a kind fabric that meets our regulated and compelling demands for durability, color, and stretch.  Each and every roll is tested and inspected thoroughly to ensure the highest standards.  Each and every aspect of production is inspected hands on in our factory in the United States.  There is NO OVERSEAS MANUFACTURING OR SUBCONTRACTORS EACH AND EVERY UNIFORM IS MADE RIGHT HERE IN OUR FACTORY.   Our uniforms are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and no uniform leave our manufacturing location without passing our stringent inspection process.


With choosing to go with Extreme Bling It, Inc. you will receive a commitment to customer service.  Our one and only goal is to make your experience  care and hassle free.  We stand behind our products 100% and if in the event we do make a mistake we will make it right!!!  We do not offer refunds on any products that we custom make.  We will offer to go over your concerns, gather the data that is needed to determine if we will replace the items at our cost or if you the client will have to reorder items to accommodate your choices.

At Extreme Bling It, Inc. you can choose the perfect colors, style , and fabrics to enhance your teams exclusive and individual look.  With us at Extreme Bling It, Inc. the possibilities are endless. Here at Extreme Bling there is no limit to achieve your custom design.    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Merchandise that has a potential manufacturer’s error or defect, You, the customer must  inform EBI immediately.  If the item was made per your specifications and the design sketches then the items is not defective.   If your item is not fitting properly due to not ordering the proper sizing kit or supplying the correct measurements, the items are not defective. If you do not allow the proper production time lines for custom designs at 8-12 weeks for production  we cannot guarantee them!

If the items are not made properly and is determined by the company that the items are a fault of EBI, the process is as such:

  1. There are NO REFUNDS:  The items are custom made per the client needs and specifications The items will be collected and repairs made to them at the expense of EBI. If this does not resolve the issues then EBI will come up with an alternate solution.
  2. Alternate solution would be to remake the said items and make corrections as deemed fit.
  3. All items custom made are non-refundable.
  4. If client does not want the items remade for any reason and they received the item per the approved design sketches then there is nothing EBI can do and will not held liable for the design being made the way it was sketched out.
  5. If the fit is not proper: EBI will request pictures of the items and details as to what the problems may be.
    1. once pictures are received will assess the situation and make needed notes/questions  and make correspondence with the client.  This could be up to 72 hours for the solution to be determined by EBI.
    2. If EBI determines that the items are repairable then will request the items to be returned either by the client and will credit the account in the amount of the shipping or will send a return label to have the items sent back to us to review.
    3. Review process:  this could take 2-4 weeks to complete and do the repairs.  Please keep in mind this is a process and has to be scheduled into the work load.  Once the review and repairs are completed that deemed to fix the issues we will then ship the items back to the client.
    4. Once received by the client will do a follow up with in 7-10 days to insure the problems are resolved (working days: Monday – Friday 9-5)
    5. If for some reason the repairs completed do not resolve the issues, then EBI will determine if the products will be remade at the expense of EBI.





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Please note that, unless expressly agreed by Extreme Bling It, Inc., any unsolicited information or material sent to Extreme Bling It, Inc.s will be deemed not to be confidential or proprietary.  By submitting information and material to this Site, unless expressly agreed by Extreme Bling It, Inc., you automatically grant to Extreme Bling It, Inc. (or warrant that the owner of such information and material has expressly granted to EBI) a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, right and license to use, exploit, reproduce, display, perform, modify, adapt, publish, translate, manufacture, market, transmit and distribute or otherwise make available to others such information and material (in whole or in part and for any purpose) worldwide and/or to incorporate it into other works in any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed.  You also agree that, unless expressly agreed by Extreme Bling It, Inc., Extreme Bling It, Inc. is free to use or exploit, any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that you send Extreme Bling It, Inc. for any purpose, without compensating you in any way. (b) You shall not upload, post or otherwise make available on or through this Site any information or material protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express written permission of the owner of such right(s). You agree to be solely liable for any damages resulting from any infringement of copyright, proprietary rights, or any other harm resulting from such a submission. (c) Any contact which you may make withExtreme Bling It, Inc., Extreme Bling It, Inc.employees or Distributors via this Site must be for an Extreme Bling It, Inc. business-related purpose and all such communications are property of Extreme Bling It, Inc. and subject to review and monitoring by Extreme Bling It, Inc. in accordance with applicable laws. Changes. Extreme Bling It, Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without giving notice to anyone either before or after, to edit or revise these Terms at any time and correct any errors or omissions in any portion of this Site and Materials.  All Materials on the Site may also be changed, modified, added or removed and updated without notice at any time; however, Extreme Bling It, Inc. is under no obligation to update Materials. Extreme Bling It, Inc.may also make changes in the products, services, programs or prices (if any) described in this Site at any time without notice. Your continued use of this Site after any change that has been made to this Site will be considered acceptance of those changes. You should revisit these Terms from time to time to review the current Terms because they are binding on you. International Users. This Site is administered by Extreme Bling It, Inc. from its offices in the United States. Materials published at this Site may refer to products, programs or services that are not available in your country. Consult your distributor using the ‘Contact Us’ link  or your local Extreme Bling It, Inc. business contact in this regard. Furthermore, Extreme Bling It, Inc. makes no representation that the Materials at this Site are appropriate or available for use at locations outside of the United States, and access to such Materials from territories where the contents of the Materials are illegal is prohibited. You may not use this Site or export information or Materials in violation of the export or other laws, regulations, executive orders, decrees or other legal enactments or requirements of the United States or any other country. If you access this Site from a location outside of the United States, you are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. Governing Law. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Michigan, United States of America, without giving effect to any principles of conflict of laws.  By using this Site, you agree to bring any claim or suit in, and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of, the Court of  Michigan, United States of America, or the United States District Court for the Michigan.  The United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply. Entire Agreement;  Time Limitation. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Extreme Bling It, Inc. and you with respect to your use of the Site. Any cause of action you may have with respect to your use of the Site must be commenced within one (1) year after the claim or cause of action arises. Miscellaneous. (a) Should there be any dispute regarding the meaning or enforcement of these Terms, the English language version of these Terms is deemed to be the only official version. (b) If for any reason a court of competent  jurisdiction finds any provision of these Terms, or portion hereof, to be unenforceable, that provision or portion thereof shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to effect the intent of these Terms, and the remainder of these Terms shall continue in full force and effect.   User ID and Passwords. (a) In order to access certain areas of the Extreme Bling’s online site  you need to create and key in a user ID and password.  You are responsible for keeping your personal user ID and password secure and confidential.  You should not share, display, disclose or permit your user ID and password to be disclosed to any other party. (b) If your user ID and password is disclosed or discovered by another party, you should contact us immediately. (c) You are responsible for use of the Site when access is obtained through the use of your user ID and password whether authorized or unauthorized. (d) You agree not to impersonate any other person or entity or use any false name or use any other person’s user ID and password to access the Site. (e) You agree and warrant that you will implement and comply with the above procedures and that all information supplied to us is true and accurate. (f)  Extreme Bling It Inc.  reserves the right to withdraw user IDs and passwords at any time without notice and in its sole discretion may allocate a new user ID and password where Extreme Bling It, Inc.has reason to believe that such user ID and password has been discovered and/or used by any person or organization other than you. (g) Without prejudice to any other rights,Extreme Bling It, Inc.may reserve the tight to suspend your provisions of any part of the site and or block or remove any postings or emails or content if Extreme Bling It, Inc.believe that such material is in violation to terms.

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