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From Design to Prototype

  March 31 2018  Getting your design or prototype  You don’t have to wait till your team is formed or getting the funding together  to start the process.  With the Competition season coming to an end this is the perfect time to begin the new season with a fresh new look on things.   You know what you want to achieve and have ideas so lets bring them to life with Extreme Bling It.  Whether it is Dance, Cheer, pro wear, tryout apparel, there is no time like the present to start the...

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sizing your team

In any business or custom apparel making there really is no standard sizing! The biggest question I get is this one other than cost, lol But anyways, with this sizing your team is one of the most time consuming and important tasks. Always ask for a sizing kit!  If you don’t have time for that, then you cannot expect the manufacture to be responsible for time line issues. Every manufacture has their own way of design and sizing.  Each custom cut can make the fit different as...

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